Tropical coral TC16 - Conpa concrete texture paint

Tropical Coral – TC16

  • Explicitly fancy, dreamy and flowy, a combination of passionate red and pristine white offering a sense of innocence and positivity. It’s all about satisfaction and completion.
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Sweet Coral – SC04

  • Tropical colors characterized with warmth, nature and uniqueness. Surface is either left rugged or smoothened to create natural contrast with a continuous mix of dark-light tones.
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Sweet Coral SC04 - Conpa concrete texture paint
Deep blue stone DBS15 - Conpa concrete texture paint

Deep Blue Stone – DBS15

  • A strong bright-dark contrast, hideous rebellion underneath a calm, harmonious cover. Sutitable for bold, striking spaces.
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Smoky Blue – SB14

  • A concrete tone for quiet and firm spirit, a space to uphold peace of mind.
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Smoky blue SB14 - Conpa concrete texture paint
Mallard green MG08 - Concrete texture paint


  • Natural dark-light effects of Mallard Green inspired from strong and edgy personality. Used to catch attention to a particular wall. A tone of friendliness, cheerfulness and happiness.
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  • A tone of cordiality, positivity and joyfullness induced by natural high-low light effect, which promotes creativity and liberty.
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Dark mallard green DMG09 - Concrete texture paint
Light beige LB05 - Concrete texture paint


  • A neutral, soft, gentle tone to introduce a relaxing environment made out of pleasant tranquility and peacefulness. A combination of light beige wall, rough wood and pattern linen are the ingredients for a poetic space.
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  • Warm beige, an elegant, delicate, subtle tone, induces a sense of calmness and relaxation. Carrying a little warmth of light brown gold, this is the ideal neutral shade to mix with other colors, particularly for greenish tropical background.
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Warm beige WB06 - Concrete texture paint
Stucco classic effect SCE02 - Conpa concrete texture paint

Stucco Classic Effect SCE02

  • A decorative paint imitates concrete surface for both the interior and exterior of a construction. With natural color effects, it helps create a friendly yet unique feeling. Color shade can vary with level of light absorbed.
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Light Concrete Effect LCE03

  • A decorative paint product imitates structure and visual effect of concrete for interior – exterior works. Rough or polished surface to bring out extraordinary homey feeling. Suitable for living space, showroom, bar and hotel.
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Light concrete effect LCE03 - Conpa concrete texture paint
Dark grey DG07 - Conpa concrete texture paint

DaRk Grey DG07

  • Concrete effects with natural patterns on grey stone that emphasize stability, durability and high-class standards.
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Volcanic Rock Effect VRE10

  • Concrete structural effect on grey volcano rock like background, featuring strength, stability and safety. A color deepening the background to highlight other materials.
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Volcanic rock effect VRE10 - Conpa concrete texture paint
Stuco effect os11 - Conpa concrete texture paint


  • A neutral background ideal for all colors.  By showcasing firmness, steadiness and reliability, it is a tone of solemnity yet elegancy.
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  • A mysterious, eerie color in concrete effect, detail-focused yet elegant and luxurious tone of perfection.
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Dark grey effect OS13 - Conpa concrete texture paint
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